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This site is due to be archived. The most current information on health profiles is available at http://fingertips.phe.org.uk/profile/health-profiles. Please update your bookmark with the new address for the health profiles.

Profiles and maps for particular health related issues

There are several profiles and mapping tools that give more detail about particular health issues. Many of these present information at local authority level, but some can currently only present information on the former Primary Care Trusts. These may still be useful for people planning local services.


Profiles for particular groups of people

  • ChiMat, the Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network, produce information and profiles on issues that particularly affect health for children, young people and mothers. 
  • Older People Atlas shows indicators relating to older people's health for all local authorities in England.
  • Teenage pregnancy interactive maps at local authority and ward level


Profiles for areas outside England

Scotland and Wales Public Health Observatories produce health profiles for their areas. These use different content and presentation formats to the profiles for England. No profiles are currently produced for Ireland.

On a wider scale, the European project I2SARE (Health Inequalities Indicators in the Regions of Europe) produces a health profile for each region of the European Union. Visit the I2SARE website for more information.


 Other relevant resources


Please be aware that these tools are designed for use within public health services, so they may contain a lot of technical information.

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