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The HIA Gateway has become part of Public Health England, joining its Knowledge and Intelligence Team (West Midlands) but remains a national and international service (see below for more details). PHE is an executive agency of the Department of Health, England. The HIA Gateway provides access to resources and information on Health Impact Assessment (HIA) for those new to HIA, practitioners of HIA and those wishing to commission HIAs or some other Impact Assessment process (i.e. Integrated Impact Assessment, Mental Well-being Impact Assessment and health-related Strategic Environmental Assessment).

Ever attempt has been made to address the issue of copyright but if you are concerned that copyright has been infringed on any of your material please contact the HIA Gateway. The HIA Gateway email address is: hiagateway@phe.gov.uk.


National Planning Practice Guidance now available online
The National Planning Practice Guidance, a web-based resource from the Department for Communities and Local Government, is now live and includes a section on health and wellbeing. There is reference to HIA, access to healthier food and health inequalities.

"International HIA Conferences".

To view papers and presentations from previous HIA and IAIA International Conferences see the "International HIA Conference Collection" under Theory Issues".

Some Recent Additions

Segmenting life expectancy gaps by cause of death (PHE)
The tool uses data for 2009-11 and allows users to view the breakdown of the life expectancy gap both within upper tier local authority areas, and between an upper tier local authority and England as a whole. Public Health England Knowledge & Intelligence Teams, 2013.

Housing & Health Evidence Review for HIA
This guidance ensures that decisions relating to housing and HIA are made from an evidence-informed standpoint. Relevant to planners, developers and health professionals and provides evidence on the potential positive and negative health impacts that housing interventions may have at an individual, social and environmental level. Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit, 2014.

Evidenced-based statements on food, the environment, transport & obesity on health (FPH)
These statements give an overview of key public health issues and make recommendations for action to tackle the issues they address. Faculty of Public Health, 2013.

LiverpoolHIA Screening Tool & Support Notes
This screening Tool is to provide a systematic approach to determine if an HIA is required and what type. IMPACT 2014.

Tan Y Fron Extra Care Housing Development for Older People HIA
The HIA built on a variety of evidence that had already been collated and aimed to inform the Tan Y Fron Extra Care Housing project and contribute to its development. The HIA involved all the stakeholders directly and facilitated a structured discussion with them. Wales HIA Support Unit, 2014.

HIA of the proposed Wing Housing development & Masterplan
A Housing Development for a mixed community providing 1300 homes with retail and community facilities, open and green space. HIA methodology includes: national & international good practice guidelines, South Cambridgeshire District Council HIA Supplementary Planning Document. The HIA builds on other assessments and was undertaken for the Masterplan. IOM Centre for Health Impact Assessment, 2013.

Draft Local Housing Strategy HIA: Wales
The HIA aimed to inform the draft Local Housing Strategy within the Borough Council and contribute to its development. The HIA was undertaken to identify health and wellbeing impacts or unintended effects and consider any inequality implications. Wales HIA Support Unit/Public Health Wales, 2013.

Retrospective Rapid HIA of the Liverpool Healthy Homes Programme
This HIA examines the likely health impacts - positive or negative - of the Healthy Home Programme, offering an independent, systematic and robust analysis of the likely impacts of the implementation of the Programme on the population of Liverpool as well as supporting the decision makers. IMPACT, 2013.

HIA of the proposed Wales Agent & Landlord Licensing Scheme
HIA of proposals to legislate for a compulsory registration and accreditation scheme for private sector landlords: legislation to establish a mandatory registration and licensing scheme for private sector landlords, letting and management agents in the private rented housing sector. Wales HIA Support Unit, 2013.

Conferences and Events in 2014

Food taxes - what role might they have in the battle against obesity? 7th April, London
Experts will be discussing the evidence for and against the use of food taxes as an anti-obesity measure to change health behaviours of the population.

IAIA14 Impact Assessment for Social and Economic Development, Chile, 8-11 April 2014
The IAIA14 will look at the role of the various instruments of impact assessment on the promotion of social and economic development, considering the importance of the assessment process itself as well as its results. Abstract submission opens October 2013.

Cultivating Planning: designed to explore the role of planning policy in access to good food, 6th May, Bristol
The conference will explore how cities like Bristol can improve access to good food for all citizens.

Transport, Health and Environment, Paris, 14-16th April 2014

LARIA Annual Conference, 13-14th May 2014, University of Warwick
LARIA’s 40th anniversary Annual Conference will focus on how local research makes a difference. To be held at the University of Warwick, the main themes are Engagement, Health, Tools and Adult Social Care and Welfare.

Planning out poverty, 15th May, London
In 2014 the TCPA published a ground-breaking report, Planning Out Poverty, which looked at the impact that planning decisions had had on the lives of people in deprived areas in England. This conference will explore the impact of the planning system on people’s lives, particularly in deprived areas.

Energy transition and public health, 16 May, London
This conference will highlight several cross-linkages between energy choices and health. The public health implications of energy choices are increasingly a matter of widespread interest.

Understanding Planning Inspectors, local plan Implementation & Planning Decision making, 20th May 2014, London.
This seminar is organised by the Town & Country Planning Association for practitioners, in both the public and private sectors. It will provide a background to the work of PINS, an understanding of the legal processes in planning, in particular local plan examinations and planning appeals, as well as conforming to the Duty to Cooperate on strategic planning issues.

Public Health England Annual Conference 2014, 16-17th September, Warwick
The Public Health England Annual Conference 2014 will be an important showcase for the latest advances, knowledge and best practice in public health, with evidence into practice at the core of the programme. There are 5 themes. Closing date for abstract submissions is 8th May.

Active by Design conference, 18th September, venue tbc
The conference is organised by the Design Council and aims to inspire and act as a catalyst for national change by sharing success stories of how design is helping people to live fitter, healthier lives.

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HIA Bibliography: MARCH 2014

41 new references added to the HIA Bibliography of published papers on HIA, MWIA and SEA since September 2013 through to March 2014.

HIA Training Courses in 2013

Community-driven HIA Course, 4-20th June, Canada
Organised by the Coady International Institute, Antigonish, Canada. This course will explore in depth a HIA process based on the idea that broad citizen involvement is essential for the development of healthy public policy. To apply visit the Coady International Institute website.

HIA training with IMPACT: 16-20th June; 10-14th November, Liverpool 2014
The Courses is organised by IMPACT and are aimed at all those whose current and future work is likely to require an understanding of the theory and practice of health impact assessment. The course is for both commissioners, practitioners and those wishing to undertake HIAs. Early bird registration rates are available before 2nd May for the June course. Contact IMPACT or by telephone +44(0)151-794 5004 for more information.

If you are running any HIA Training Courses or courses relating to aspects of HIA and would like to have them advertised here, please send details to the HIA Gateway .

Online HIA Training Courses or related resources

Health economic assessment tools (HEAT) for walking and cycling: online training dates
New dates for WHO/HEAT online training sessions for walking and cycling: 4th September, 3rd and 30th October, 22nd November, and 17th December 2013. Contact the HEAT website to book a place.

Healthy Places
A free online resource developed by the National Heart Forum and funded by the Department of Health (2011). See Guides for more information.

HIA for planners
Online course on HIA developed and funded by the University of the West of England (2011).See Training courses for more information.

E-learning course: Health in SEA
Free online course on health in Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Developed by the West Midlands Public Health Observatory and funded by the Department of Health (2010). See Training courses for more information.

HIA of mining projects
The course is free but donations are encouraged. Developed at the WHO-PAHO Collaborating Center on Environmental and Occupational HIA and Surveillance at the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec (CHUQ), Canada and funded by Health Canada (2009). See Training courses for more information.

Introduction to HIA
A free interactive e-learning course by NHS Health Scotland (2007), an excellent short introduction to HIA. See Training courses for more information.

Built Environment & Public Health Online Curriculum.
A US developed educational curriculum and website providing a critical overview of the built environment and related public health topics. This can be taught as individual modules, integrated into existing courses or studied as a complete course.

Want to join in the discussions on HIA?

Join the HIANET email discussion group - the international HIA mailing list for the methodological and practical advancement of HIA in the development of healthy public policies, projects and programmes. To join go to jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A0=HIANET and follow the instructions. If you wish to post anything please use: . Membership of the list will be processed/approved by IMPACT. If you have any problems please contact Andy Pennington at IMPACT.

Want to join the Health and Planning Discussion Group (RTPI)?

The Royal Town Planning Association (RTPI) have a Health and Planning Linkedin Discussion Group (to replace the former Healthy Communities Group) to promote and improve dialogue between professionals of the planning and health communities, publicise events, and improve the RTPI’s understanding of health and planning issues to enable better informed responses to Government consultations. The group is open to anyone with an interest in planning and health issues. You can apply to join via the health topic page on the RTPI website.

Want to join an online forum and resource for MWIA?

Go to the Local Government Association run, “Knowledge Hub” and register with the site to access the Mental Well-being Impact Assessment Group. This is a place for to: learn about MWIA; discover what MWIAs are taking place in various settings and localities; build and share the knowledge and evidence base for MWIA; debate how to measure mental well-being; improve the impact and quality of MWIAs; and for MWIA practitioners to network and share experiences.

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