Sexual Health Balanced Scorecard
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Local Authority Data

This is archive material and some data may have since been revised. For more recent data please refer to Public Health England’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles

The linked tables below provide current and archive data underlying the key and supporting local authority indicators in the Sexual Health Balanced Scorecard display tools, and there is also some additional data of interest.

The indicator descriptions below are provided only for the latest data tables. (Years in brackets indicate additionally available data). The descriptions provide details such as the rationale for inclusion, how the indicators have been constructed, data quality caveats and further sources of information.

DomainIndicator description ('metadata')Data tables
Teenage conceptionsKEY – Percentage change in rate age under 18 conceptions, 1998 to 2010Click Here
Rate age under 18 conceptions, 2010Click Here
Rate age under 16 conceptions, 2008-10 (combined)Click Here
ADDITIONAL – Age under 18 conception trends, 1998 to 2010Click Here
ADDITIONAL – Age under 16 conception trends, 2001-03 to 2008-10Click Here
AbortionsPercentage age under 18 conceptions 2010 leading to abortionClick Here
Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIVKEY – Rate acute sexually transmitted infections diagnoses, 2011Click Here
KEY – Percentage age 15-24 tested for chlamydia outside GUM clinics, 2011/12Click Here
Percentage age 15-24 test positive for chlamydia outside GUM clinics, 2011/12Click Here
KEY – Rate age 15-24 chlamydia diagnoses in all settings, 2011Click Here
Rate pelvic inflammatory disease related admissions age 15-44, 2010/11 (and 2009/10)Click Here
KEY – Rate gonorrhoea diagnoses in GUM clinics, 2011Click Here
KEY – Rate syphilis diagnoses in GUM clinics, 2011Click Here
KEY – Percentage HIV test uptake in GUM clinics, 2011Click Here
KEY – Percentage HIV diagnoses with CD4 cell count <350 at time of diagnosis, 2008-10 (combined)Click Here
KEY - Prevalence of diagnosed HIV age 15-59 years, 2010 (and since 2002)Click Here
Awareness, Attitudes & Risk BehaviourPercentage age 12-15 find sex & relationship advice helpful, 2009/10Click Here
Percentage age 10-15 frequent substance abuse, 2009/10 (and 2008/09)Click Here
Schools, Colleges & Connexions ServicePercentage age 16-18 mothers in education, employment or training, Dec 2011 (and age 16-19 since Dec 2009)Click Here
Sexual AssaultsRate police recorded rape of females, 2011/12 (and since 2009/10)Click Here
ADDITIONAL - Percentage sexual assaults in adults by gender (Region only), British Crime Survey 2009/10 (and women 2007/08)Click Here
ADDITIONAL – Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) locations, July 2011 (and Aug 2009)Click Here
Other related factorsPercentage achieve 5 GCSE A-C grades incl English & maths, 2010/11Click Here
Deprivation measures (IMD 2010)Click Here

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