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Reports of completed HIAs and other assessments of impacts. If you are unable to find the Report you are looking for please try our Archived Resources (covers 1996-2001).

Type Level Topic Locations

HIA of the proposed Wing Housing development & Masterplan2013-12-10Eastern Region
Rapid HIA of HS2. Initial and preferred route in Eastern Derbyshire.2013-12-05East Midlands
HIA of the Liverpool Cycling Strategy2013-12-01North West
Retrospective Rapid HIA of the Liverpool Healthy Homes Programme2013-11-01North West
Tan Y Fron Extra Care Housing Development for Older People HIA2013-10-01Wales
Draft Local Housing Strategy HIA: Wales2013-10-01Wales
HIA of the proposed Wales Agent & Landlord Licensing Scheme2013-10-01Wales
Integrated HIA of the South Bristol Link Road (SBL) 2013-08-15South West
HIA of the Torpoint Road Area2013-08-01South West
Rapid HIA of a proposed Coal & Fireclay Surface Mine on the Deanfield site, Wakefield2013-08-01Yorkshire and Humber
St Anthony’s Park HIA 2013-04-01Ireland
Retrospective Rapid HIA: Integrated Commissioning Advocacy Plus Strategy2013-03-01North West
HIA on wind energy development in Oregon2013-03-01United States
HIA of the former Marksbury Road College Site2013-02-01South West
Health Equity Impact Assessment of a casino, Toronto2013-01-01Canada
HIA of Redditch local plan2013-01-01West Midlands
London Luton Airport HIA2012-12-10London
Bristol Central Area Action Plan (CAAP) HIA2012-11-15South West
Bristol Development Management Policies HIA 2012-11-15South West
HIA of Mining Activities: Keno City (Yukon)2012-09-30Canada
Equity-Focused HIA of the Proposed McKays to Peka-Peka Expressway2012-08-01New Zealand
IIA of the Core Strategy: Central Lincolnshire (SA, EqIA, HIA)2012-06-01East Midlands
Rhyl Going Forward Delivery Plan HIA2012-05-01Wales
Rapid HIA of service redesign for adults with learning difficulties2012-03-01North West
Bexley Carers Health Needs Assessment Health Service Recommendations: MWIA 2012-01-01London
HIA of Low Emission Zone: Bradford2012-01-01Yorkshire and Humber
HIA of Mixed Use Redevelopment Nodes and Corridors, Nebraska 2011-12-01United States
Sheringham Little Theatre Youth Outreach Programme MWIA: N Norfolk2011-12-01Eastern Region
I-710 Corridor Project HIA: California2011-11-25United States
Warm water modality Rapid HIA: Wales2011-11-01Wales
Rapid HIA of Biosolids Storage Facility, Greenville, US.2011-10-01United States
HIA of Hartington Cheese Factory site 2011-10-01East Midlands
HIA of the Kirkby Centre 2011-09-01North West
HIA: Housing and Health, Seniors Living Working group Report2011-08-01Australia
Art into Life: gallery workshops for older adults. MWIA2011-07-01London
Rapid HIA: Grove Lane Draft SPD2011-06-27West Midlands
MWIA of Single Point of Access Hub: telford2011-06-08West Midlands
Rapid HIA of the Early Intervention Strategy 2011-06-01Eastern Region
Asian Mental Health Support Service (Khushi): MWIA2011-05-17West Midlands
Rapid HIA of Sandwell Site Allocations & Delivery Plan Document 2011-05-04West Midlands
DRAFT HIA of LDF: Core Strategy Knowsley.2011-05-01North West
HIA of California Assembly Bill (Domestic Work Employee Equality)2011-05-01United States
HIA of Stockbridge Village Redevelopment2011-05-01North West
HIA of the proposed accommodation changes to the Cardiff Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Centre2011-04-27Wales
Local Transport Plan 3: SEA including HIA2011-04-01North East
Social Prescribing Hub: MWIA (North Tyneside)2011-03-08North East
Rapid HIA: West Bromwich Civic Area Action Plan2011-03-05West Midlands
HIA of City Centre and Etruria Road, AAP, Stoke.2011-03-01West Midlands
Northumberland Local Transport Plan 3: HIA2011-03-01North East
Local Transport Plan 3: Health Impact Assessment (Stoke-on-Trent)2011-02-01West Midlands
HIA of the Battlement Mesa natural gas development 2011-02-01United States
The Sellwood Bridge Project: A Health Impact Assessment2011-01-21United States
Rapid HIA: draft Lyng Industrial Estate Development Framework2011-01-04West Midlands
HIA of Proposed Changes to Mental Health Services: Wales2011-01-01Wales
Local Transport Plan 3 Equality & HIA: Devon & Torbay 2011-01-01South West
Rapid HIA: West Bromwich Civic Quarter Draft Planning & Design Brief2011-01-01West Midlands
Rapid HIA of the "Development Management Policies Direction of Travel" Islington2011-01-01London
Rapid HIA: Smethwick Windmill Eye Neighbourhood Plan SPD2010-12-09West Midlands
Equity HIA (NSW): Overweight & obesity prevention & management plan 2010-12-01Australia
HIA of a Cap-and-Trade Framework: California2010-12-01United States
Wiri Spatial Structure Plan: HIA2010-12-01New Zealand
Brig Cwm EfW Facility HIA2010-12-01Wales
Health & Equality IA: Mineral and Waste Development Framework2010-12-01North West
HIA of Halewood Developments2010-12-01North West
Upper Cambourne Urban Expansion HIA2010-11-04Eastern Region
Swale Borough Council Core Strategy Rapid HIA 20102010-09-01South East
HIA of the City West Housing & Neighbourhood Improvement Programme2010-08-01North West
HIA on transportation policies in the Climate Change Action Plan: Eugene2010-08-01United States
Regeneration of Windrush Square: MWIA2010-07-19London
Trung Son Hydropower HIA: Vietnam2010-07-09Vietnam
Werneth Primary Care Centre: HIA2010-07-01North West
HIA of High Town East Village Design Codes2010-07-01Eastern Region
HIA of Canterbury Core Strategy: Options Consultation Document2010-06-01South East
Assessing the Health Impacts of Glasgow’s Local Housing Strategy 2011-2016: scoping2010-06-01Scotland
Desktop HIA of the "Paylink Project": Liverpool2010-05-01North West
HIA of Minerals Local Development Plan (MLDP), Scotland2010-04-01Scotland
Library one-to-one IT Training: MWIA2010-04-01London
HIA of Core Strategy, City of Westminster: Summary2010-04-01London
Rapid HIA on Luton’s Housing Strategy Statement2010-04-01Eastern Region
IIA for region-wide service re-design of trauma services2010-03-01East Midlands
SEA of the Norwich Transportation Strategy: Environmental Report2010-02-01Eastern Region
HIA of Barnsley's Core Strategy: screening & scoping2010-02-01Yorkshire and Humber
Santa Monica Airport HIA 2010-02-01United States
Health in SEA: Sustainability Appraisal of the Test Valley Core Strategy2010-01-06South East
Health in SEA: Draft Scoping Report of Newport City Council Local Development Plan (LDP)2010-01-06Wales
Willows Power & Recycling Centre HIA2010-01-01Eastern Region
HIA of the Core Strategy and North Kensington Plan2010-01-01London
New Horizons: A shared vision for mental health: EqIA (DH)2009-12-01United Kingdom
HIA for Blaydon Leisure Centre & Primary Care Centre2009-12-01North East
Sustianability Appraisal of the Core Strategy - Bristol2009-11-01South West
MWIA of Lambeth Community Advocacy Service2009-10-28London
MWIA of Paxton Green Timebank, Lambeth2009-10-01London
IIA of the replacement London Plan 2009-10-01London
HIA of Farley Hill GP Practice2009-10-01Eastern Region
Flexible alcohol licensing hours, Brighton & Hove HIA2009-10-01South East
Gateshead Central Library HIA2009-09-01North East
HIA of School Closure2009-09-01Australia
MWIA of Wellbeing Projects2009-08-01North West
Wrexham Industrial Estate Road Integrated HIA2009-07-10Wales
Wrexham Industrial Estate Road: HIA2009-07-01Wales
HIA of an urban regeneration plan in a neighbourhood in Bilbao (Spain)2009-07-01Basque Country, Spain
Manchester Well-being and Aspiration: Summary of MWIAs.2009-07-01North West
HIA of an urban regeneration plan: Bilbao2009-07-01Basque Country, Spain
MWIA of Warwickshire Resource Cafes (Full Report)2009-07-01West Midlands
MWIA of Warwickshire Resource Cafes (Executive Summary)2009-07-01West Midlands
HIA of Halton's Core Strategy2009-07-01North West
Clarendon Square Rapid HIA, London2009-06-01London
Manchester Re-ablement Project: MWIA2009-06-01North West
Manchester Gateway Project: MWIA2009-06-01North West
HIA of Sittingbourne Town Centre & Milton Creek2009-05-26South East
Manchester Healthy Living Network: MWIA2009-05-01North West
Manchester Community Guardian Scheme: MWIA2009-05-01North West
HIA on policies reducing vehicle miles travelled2009-05-01United States
IIA of London Trauma & Stroke Services: Scoping Paper2009-04-01London
Street lighting impacts on health and wellbeing, Wales2009-02-01Wales
HIA of Clitheroe Hospital (East Lancashire Teaching PCT)2009-02-01North West
HIA of proposed Biomass Power Station, Kings Dock, Swansea2009-02-01Wales
MWIA of an Obesity Intervention, Blackpool.2009-01-01North West
HIA and transport planning in New Zealand2009-01-01New Zealand
MWIA of Fanon Resource Centre (Lambeth, London)2009-01-01National
HIA of Development Projects with Reference to Mosquito-borne Diseases2009-01-01International
Red Line Transit Project HIA: US2008-12-19United States
Northumberland Park Time Bank MWIA2008-12-01London
HIA of Gateshead Older People’s Strategy: Draft2008-12-01North East
Maida Hill Market MWIA2008-11-21London
Hammersmith Community Gardens Association MWIA2008-11-19London
HIA 09: powerpoint presentation for 2009 HIA Conference.2008-11-11International
Peer Education 50+ MWIA2008-11-10London
MWIA of redevelopment of leisure centre, Lewisham2008-11-07London
HIA and Public Policy Formulation, Canada2008-11-01Canada
Clinical Exercise Group Pilot, MWIA2008-11-01London
"55" Alive Club. Mental Well-being Impact Assessment.2008-10-30London
Kipling and Blackmore Regeneration, MWIA2008-10-29London
HIA in Quebec: the decision-making process.2008-10-01Canada
MWIA of employment project 'Compass', Hounslow2008-10-01London
HIA of 'Our Health, Our Care, Our Say' on Young Carers2008-10-01England
MWIA of an LAA approach to work benefit claims, Lancashire2008-09-03North West
MWIA of a campaign to raise awareness of risks associated with sunbed use2008-09-01North West
HIA of Sheffield's Housing Strategy2008-09-01Yorkshire and Humber
Citizen's Advice in Primary Care. MWIA2008-08-19North West
Health Equality IA of Merseycare Trust's Outline Business Case: Mental Health & Learning Disabilities.2008-08-01North West
HIA of the Health is Wealth Commission's 'Big Ideas' - Draft.2008-08-01North West
HIA of the Wincheap Draft Development Brief2008-08-01South East
Lower Shankill HIA: summary2008-08-01Northern Ireland
Croydon Rethink Carers Group, MWIA2008-07-01London
HIA or proposed Rail Frieght Interchange: Kent Gateway2008-07-01South East
Rapid HIA of Jersey Waste Disposal Plant: Stage 2.2008-06-01Channel Islands
HIA of Gypsies & Travellers Accommodation Needs Assessment.2008-06-01Yorkshire and Humber
Columbia River Crossing Health Impact Assessment2008-06-01United States
HIA of the proposed redirection of Transportation Funds: California2008-06-01United States
Pocket Park MWIA, Brent2008-05-15London
HIA of social housing redevelopment in Plymouth2008-05-01South West
Evaluation of Warm Front Scheme2008-05-01England
HIA:Combating the Obesity Epidemic, Executive Summary (LA Public Health)2008-05-01United States
MWIA report of "Living and Recovering" workshop2008-04-18East Midlands
MWIA on the Parrot Zoo Project, Lincolnshire2008-04-02East Midlands
HIA of Sports Stadium & Retail Development in Kirkby2008-04-01North West
HIA of Social Housing redevelopment in Plymouth2008-04-01South West
MWIA of the Nottingham City Community Development Worker Service2008-04-01East Midlands
MWIA of Healthy Minds Service, Stoke-on-Trent2008-03-01West Midlands
HIA of Proposal for Traveller's Accomodation in Ireland2008-02-01Ireland
HIA of Doneraile Traveller accommodation proposal2008-02-01Ireland
HIA of new Community Hospital in Stockport2008-01-14North West
Rapid HIA of Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust2008-01-01North West
HIA in Physical Planning (SNIPH)2008-01-01Sweden
Rapid HIA of Skelmersdale Town Centre Re-Design Proposals2008-01-01North West
National Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy: HIA2007-12-11National
Impact Assessment of National Stroke Strategy2007-12-03England
MWIA of Liverpool 08 European Capital of Culture2007-12-01North West
An HIA of Oldham Town Centre Integrated Care Centre.Final Report.2007-12-01North West
Acute Service Re-configuration: H Equality IA2007-12-01Eastern Region
Victoria Station Upgrade HIA2007-11-15London
Inupiat Health and proposed Alaskan Oil Development.2007-10-11United States
The East Bay (California) Greenway HIA2007-09-10United States
HIA of the redevelopment of Derby City, Colorado.2007-09-01United States
HIA of Eastern San Francisco Neighborhoods2007-09-01United States
Sustainabilty Appraisal (SA) Scoping Report: Basingstoke2007-09-01South East
Rapid HIA of Conwy & Denbighshire Mental Health Advocacy Service2007-09-01Wales
HIA of the Leeds Landlord Accreditation Scheme2007-08-01Yorkshire and Humber
NE Alaska Draft Oil Plan-EI Statement.2007-08-01United States
HIA of San Francisco Executive Park Subarea and tool application2007-08-01United States
HIA of application for expansion of London City Airport2007-07-27London
HIA of Lowry Corridor Community, Minneapolis.2007-07-12United States
Health and Wellbeing IA on Lambeth Target Action Plans2007-07-01London
HIA of changes to Physical Education Policy, California2007-06-09United States
MWIA on St Mungo's relationships project2007-06-01London
MWIA on the Oval Partnership2007-06-01London
Atlanta Beltline HIA2007-06-01United States
IA Framework for UK Gambling Act, 20052007-06-01National
HIA of Connswater Community Greenway, East Belfast 2007-05-01United Kingdom
EIS of Final Outer Continental Shelf 5yr proposals2007-04-01United States
Child HIA of energy costs and child health.2007-04-01United States
MWIA on Gracefield Gardens2007-03-29London
HIA of Trenton Farmers' Market, New Jersey2007-03-20United States
Determinants of Health2007-03-06
Rapid HIA of Jersey Waste Disposal Plant: Stage 1.2007-03-01Channel Islands
Exeter Waste to Energy Facility HIA2007-03-01South West
Rapid HIA of housing developments near Aylesbury Town2007-02-27South East
HIA Alternate week waste collections in Wycombe2007-02-01South East
HIA of Decatur City Transportation Plan.2007-01-01United States
HIA of Mac Arthur Bart Transit Village2007-01-01United States
EIR and health outcomes for San Francisco Areas2007-01-01United States
Floating Support Service MWIA2007-01-01West Midlands
MWIA Pilot Programme in Sefton2007-01-01North West
IA of Regeneration on Well-being of Local Residents (Manchester, UK)2007-01-01Manchester
HIA of Gateshead International Stadium 2007-01-01North East
HIA/RaIA of 'Making it better, Making it'2006-12-01North West
MWIA in South London and Maudsley (SLAM) NHS Trust2006-11-01London
London Low Emission Zone HIA: summary 2006-11-01London
Rapid Equity Focused HIA: Australian Better Health Intitiative2006-11-01Australia
SA/SEA of the draft alterations to the London Plan2006-10-10London
Screening HIA of the North East's vision of 2012 Olympic Games2006-10-01North East
Sustainability Appraisal of the Draft East Midlands Regional Plan2006-09-01East Midlands
HIA of Housing Regeneration in North Staffordshire2006-08-01West Midlands
Rapid HIA of the Conwy Primary Care Estates Strategy 2006-07-26Wales
Assessment of Liverpool trailblazer project - anti social behaviour 2006-07-01North West
MWIA-Young People in New Cross Gate NDC2006-07-01London
Clapham Time Bank MWIA2006-07-01London
MWIA of the Affective Disorder Unit,Kent2006-07-01South East
HIA of Sheffield's Decent Homes Programme2006-07-01Yorkshire and Humber
Assessment of Liverpool Norris Green Trailblazer Project (anti social behaviour) 2006-06-01North West
MWIA of Hatfield training Centre2006-05-01London
The Triangle Schools Project MWIA2006-05-01London
Rapid HIA of the Royal Liverpool Children’s NHS Trust’s Outline Business Case for the modernisation of children’s services 2006-05-01North West
Holiday scheme in New Cross Gate2006-03-01London
Proposed Regional Casino Development: Economic & Social Impact assessment2006-03-01North East
HIA of Patient Choice2006-02-01North West
Basketball Club MWIA, Millwall2006-02-01London
HIA of the Proposed Extension to Margam Opencast Mine2005-12-22Wales
HIA of Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy in Cheshire2005-11-01North West
Lewisham Mental Health Rehabilitation Services MWIA2005-11-01London
HIA Millbay Plymouth regeneration2005-09-01South West
HIA of draft Liverpool alcohol strategy2005-08-01North West
HIA of housing rental vouchers & child health.2005-06-01United States
HIA of traffic and transport in Ballyfermot2005-04-28Ireland
Proposed western extension of the central London congestion charging scheme: health impact assessment report2005-04-01
HIA of London Congestion charging scheme2005-04-01London
HIA of 'Active St Helens' strategy2005-03-01North West
HIA of the Los Angeles City living wage ordinance.2005-02-09International
HIA for Regional Plan Transport Chapter2005-01-01West Midlands
HIA of Housing Redevelopment Area, Derry, N. Ireland2005-01-01Northern Ireland
HIA of a Road Traffic Project (SNIPH)2005-01-01Sweden
HIA of Lewis Wind Farm proposals2005-01-01Scotland
Summary of HIA of Federal Farm Bill 2002, US2004-12-02United States
Rapid HIA of proposed London Olympic Games2004-11-01London
HIA Drug Rehab Project in Exeter2004-07-01South West
HIA community health centre in London2004-06-01London
HIA of ‘Community Village’ proposals in Plymouth2004-05-01South West
HIA for Needle Exchange Site in West End2004-05-01London
HIA of neighbourhood wellbeing in Lambeth2004-04-01London
HIA of Regeneration plan for Castlefields (Liverpool)2004-04-01North West
HIA of Urban Renaissance Lewisham2004-03-01South East
HIA of Transport for Community Health Project2004-03-01North West
HIA of Proposed Tramline on Merseyside2004-03-01North West
HIA of West Midlands Local Transport Plan2004-01-01West Midlands
HIA of Yala "Garden City" Project2004-01-01International
HIA of Dulwich Healthy Living Centre2003-12-01London
Assessment of Darwen Area Development Framework2003-12-01North West
HIA of proposed family violence strategy in Darebin Australia2003-10-06Australia
HIA of drinking water privatisation in Germany2003-10-01Europe
HIA of food and agriculture policy in Slovenia2003-08-01Europe
HIA childrens & young people's strategy for London2003-07-01London
HIA of Land Remediation Options at Abercwmboi2003-05-01Wales
HIA plan to improve primary care in Plymouth2003-03-01South West
HIA of Cultural Strategy in London2003-03-01London
HIA of St Edmundsbury Borough Council Local Plan2003-03-01Eastern Region
HIA of California's After School Act 49, 20022003-02-18United States
Assessment of Liverpool Council's Housing Strategy2003-01-01North West
HIA of large African oil project2003-01-01International
HIA of Chad Pipeline Project2003-01-01International
HIA of Transport policies in Delhi2003-01-01International
HIA of Sutton Arena Community Leisure Centre2002-11-01South East
HIA of Ambient Noise Strategy in London2002-10-01London
First HIA of New Cross Gate2002-10-01London
HIA of Healthcare Reorganistion in St Helens2002-09-01North West
HIA of the Gardens for People Project in Plymouth2002-09-01South West
HIA of London draft spatial development strategy2002-09-01London
HIA of proposal to use tyre as fuel in cement kiln2002-08-28West Midlands
HIA of Energy Strategy in London2002-07-11London
HIR of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough structure plan2002-03-01Eastern Region
HIA of Composting Project in North Devon2002-01-01South West
HIA of St Mellons Road2002-01-01Wales
HIA of Morice Town Home Zone2002-01-01South West
Assessment of impact of housing in Welsh village2002-01-01Wales
HIA of Public Housing Carpet Policy - San Francisco2002-01-01United States
HIA in Transport Planning 2000-01-01United Kingdom
HIA: Submission to the Manchester Airport Second Runway Enquiry1994-04-01North West

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