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Found 219 reports:
Active by Design. Designing places for healthy lives. Guide (DC)2014-03-01National
Housing and Health Evidence Review for HIA (WHIASU)2014-01-24Wales
Guidance for addressing inequities in health (WHO)2014-01-01Europe
Public Health and Landscape. Creating healthy places (LI)2013-11-01National
Guide to the HIA Gateway (HIA Gateway)2013-10-17National
Handbook on Health Inequality Monitoring (WHO)2013-06-01International
Guidelines on Measuring Subjective Well-being (OECD)2013-03-20International
Promoting Equity through the Practice of Health Impact Assessment (US)2013-03-01United States
Planning for Health Draft Supplementary Planning Document (Dudley)2013-03-01West Midlands
District Action on Public Health (DCN)2013-02-11National
Good Practice Note: Cumulative Impact Assessment (IFC)2013-01-01International
Health Impact Assessment. A practical guide to HIA (WHIASU, 2012)2012-11-01Wales
Local measures to promote walking & cycling (NICE & LGiU)2012-11-01National
Physical activity: Public Health Briefing NICE (2012)2012-07-15National
Reuniting health with planning – guide (TCPA)2012-07-01National
Planning for a healthy environment (TCPA/WT)2012-07-01National
Measuring Well-being. A guide (NEF)2012-07-01National
Trees in the Townscape: Guide (TDAG)2012-06-29National
A Handy Guide to Planning (PAE)2012-06-01National
Healthy Urban Planning SPD: Stoke on Trent2012-03-01West Midlands
Guidance & Best Practices for Stakeholder Participation in HIAs (US)2012-03-01United States
Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC): update January 20122012-02-07England and Wales
HIA in Latvia (WHO Europe)2012-01-01Latvia
Building for life 12 (DC, CABE)2012-01-01National
Application of the UNECE Protocol on SEA: guide (UN)2012-01-01International
Health Gains from Structural Funds: a new guide (EU)2011-12-05Europe
Health Inequalities Impact Assessment (HIIA) Guidance2011-11-01Scotland
Greener Neighbourhoods: guide (NHF)2011-11-01National
A guide to engaging housing and health (NHC)2011-10-01England
Healthy Places: online resource (NHF)2011-10-01England
Improving Health in the US: The Role of HIA (NRC)2011-09-01United States
Design for social sustainability (Future Communities) 2011-07-01International
Steps to healthy planning: proposals for action (SPAHG)2011-06-01United Kingdom
Plugging health into planning: evidence and practice (DH & LGID)2011-06-01England
Mental Well-being Impact Assessment. A toolkit for well-being, 2011 (NMWIA Collaborative)2011-05-11International
Impact Assessment Guidance: Devon County Council2011-05-01South West
Top 10 Things to engage patients: online technology (US)2011-04-01United States
Active Planning Toolkit (Gloucestershire Conference)2011-03-31National
SPD Health Impact Assessment - South Cambridgeshire2011-03-01Eastern Region
Guide to assessing the health & wellbeing impacts of opencast mining (WHIASU)2011-03-01Wales
LDF, Healthy Urban Planning SPD (Stoke City): Leaflet2011-03-01West Midlands
Sustainable development and health inequalities (SDC)2011-02-01England
Health Impact Assessment Toolkit, 3rd ed. (HIP, US)2011-02-01United States
Getting Started with Health in All Policies: review (MoH, Ontario)2011-02-01Canada
Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment System (IEHIAS)2011-01-31Europe
Using IT for public consultation (City of London)2011-01-20London
Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT) for walking and cycling (WHO)2011-01-01Europe
Community Design Tool (DSE)2011-01-01Australia
Delivering Healthy Local Transport Plans (RPS for DH/DfT)2011-01-01England
Mining: Partnerships for development Toolkit (ICMM)2011-01-01International
South Yorkshire Residential Design Guide, 20112011-01-01Yorkshire and Humber
Practice Standards for HIA: Version 2 (NA HIA PSWG)2010-11-01United States
Making community engagement fun: guide (LGID)2010-11-01England
Spatial Planning for Health: guide (TCPA, Hyde Group) 2010-11-01National
Assessing equity in systematic reviews: guidance (CC CC WHO)2010-10-23International
Guide to HIA: California (DofPH)2010-10-01United States
Guidance for communities affected by estate regeneration: Tower Hamlets (BirleyHIA/IMPACT)2010-09-01London
Decent homes need decent spaces. (CABE and NHF)2010-07-06United Kingdom
Guide for HIA of Government Policy (DH England)2010-07-01England
Tools for recording results of HIA (DH England)2010-07-01England
HIA: a guide to evidence on health (DH England).2010-07-01England
Guide to quantifying health impacts of government policies (DH England)2010-07-01England
Good Practice Guidance on HIA: Mining & Metal Operations (ICMM)2010-07-01International
Top Tips for a Healthy Planned Environment (Cheshire & Merseyside Partnerships for Health)2010-07-01North West
Public Engagement: Good Practice Guide (PAE)2010-06-29England
Guidance on assessing health risks of Air Toxics (W.Australia DoH)2010-06-01Australia
Guide to HIA (Tyne and Wear)2010-05-01North East
SEA, Sustainability Appraisal and The Historic Environment (English Heritage)2010-03-26England
Integrating HIA into EIA: FAQs (HIP)2010-03-05United States
Guide to Health-Proofing Masterplan designs (CHIA IOM)2010-03-01England
Active Travel Stategy: England (DH, DfT)2010-02-22England
Draft Policy 21 - Social and Health Impact Assessment Policy (Gold Coast CC)2010-01-18Australia
Health Effects of Resource Development Projects (oil, gas, mining) & Tool (HEAT)(Habitat HIC)2010-01-01International
Guide to community engagement (Slides by C Forrestal)2010-01-01Canada
Expert Elicitation in Environmental HIA (Environmental Health J)2010-01-01International
Heatwave Plan for England 2010 (DH)2010-01-01England
Health Risk Assessment (Scoping) Guidelines (DoH Australia)2010-01-01Australia
Community-led spaces: Guide for Local Authorites & Community groups (CABE)2010-01-01England
Guide to large scale urban design (CABE)2010-01-01United Kingdom
Active design guidelines (US)2010-01-01United States
HIA Guidance (IPHI, Ireland)2009-11-01Northern Ireland and Ireland
Promoting Mental Wellbeing at work: Guide for Employers (NICE)2009-11-01England
Equality Impact Assessment: Tool & Guidance (DH)2009-10-01England
What is Impact Assessment? (IAIA)2009-10-01International
Improving Mental Well-being through Impact Assessment (NMHDU)2009-09-01International
Delivering Healthy Communities (RTPI GPN5)2009-06-19United Kingdom
Review Package for HIA reports2009-06-01International
Watch Out for Health, HUDU Guide & Tool2009-06-01London
Rapid Impact Assessment Guide and checklist (NHS Lothian)2009-05-01Scotland
Health Impact Assessment (HIA): Inventory of Resources (2009) (NCCHPP)2009-05-01International
Practice Standards for HIA (N. America PSWG)2009-04-07United States
Improving Health: Transport solutions in NE England (PHNE)2009-03-01North East
Secured by Design: New Homes (ACPO, UK) 2009-01-28United Kingdom
Introduction to HIA (IFC, World Bank Group)2009-01-01International
Future Health: Sustainable Places for Health and Wellbeing (Summary)(CABE)2009-01-01United Kingdom
A Simple Guide to Choosing an HIA Tool (Monash Univ. Australia)2009-01-01Australia
Healthy Urban Development Checklist for Health Services (NSW Australia Health Dpt)2009-01-01Australia
Environmental Design: Guide for Planning (Christchurch CC)2009-01-01New Zealand
Improving Children's Health and the Environment (WHO Europe)2009-01-01Europe
Integrating Health into the Core Strategy: Guide and Checklist for PCTs (HUDU)2009-01-01United Kingdom
Tool: Health Impact Assessment (Living Streets)2009-01-01United Kingdom
Involving the public in HIA (Welsh HIA Support Unit)2008-09-01Wales
Good housing leads to good health - a toolkit for EH Practitioners (CIEH)2008-09-01East Midlands
West Dunbartonshire Integrated Impact Assessment Guide (IIA) (WD Council)2008-08-01Scotland
Supplementary planning guidance: HIA (W Lothian Council)2008-08-01Scotland
Guide to HIA of Greenspace (Greenspace, Scotland)2008-06-01Scotland
The Health Equity Assessment Tool: A User’s Guide (NZ Ministry of Health)2008-06-01New Zealand
Quick Guide to HIA (NACCHO, US)2008-05-01United States
The Health Impact of Climate Change - Guidance Summary (DH)2008-04-01United Kingdom
HIA: guidance note (EPOA)2008-03-01England
Toronto Public Health HIA Framework (TPH)2008-02-21Canada
Community Engagement to Improve Health (NICE)2008-02-01United Kingdom
Guide to Quantitative Methods in HIA (SNIPH, Sweden)2008-01-01International
Built or Natural Environments that Encourage and Support Physical Activity (NICE)2008-01-01United Kingdom
Urban Health Equity Assessment and Response Tool (Urban HEART) 2008-01-01International
Principles of design for use in HIA of housing (Birley HIA)2007-11-30National
Guide to HIA of Transport Initiatives (Health Scotland)2007-10-01International
Critical guide to HIA (WMPHO, England)2007-10-01West Midlands
Liveable Neighbourhoods: a Western Australian Government Sustainable Cities Initiative2007-10-01Australia
Guide to the NHS for local planning authorities (DH)2007-09-28National
Guide to town planning for NHS staff (DH)2007-09-28National
Healthy Planning Workshop (UNSW)2007-09-20Australia
Health impact assessment: a practical guide (CHETRE, Australia)2007-08-01Australia
Health issues in Planning - Best Practice Guidance (GLA)2007-06-01London
The Policy Toolkit Guide to Impact Assessment, N Ireland (Workbooks 1-5) (OFMDFM)2007-05-01Northern Ireland and Ireland
Draft guidance on health in Strategic Environmental Assessment: Consultation document (DH)2007-03-08National
Best Practice in Urban Extensions and New Settlements (TCPA, CLG)2007-03-01England
Active Design: good design for sport and physical activity (CABE, DH, DCMS)2007-03-01England
Health and Urban Planning Toolkit (HUDU)2007-02-01United Kingdom
Paved with Gold: The value of street design (CABE)2007-01-01England
Gender and Spatial Planning (Oxfam, RTPI)2007-01-01United Kingdom
Design Codes: A Practical Manual (CLG, England)2006-11-01United Kingdom
Principles of HIA: international best practices (IAIA)2006-09-01International
Public Participation: Best Practice Principles (IAIA)2006-08-01International
Design Coding in Practice: An Evaluation (DCLG, England)2006-06-01England
Impact Assessment Guidelines for EC (European Commission)2006-03-01Europe
Green Infrastructure in Urban Design (RCEP, UK)2006-03-01United Kingdom
Guide to reviewing published evidence for HIA (LHO)2006-01-01International
Building in Health (Milton Keynes SMHSCG)2006-01-01England
Healthy Urban Planning: Recommendations (UNSW)2006-01-01Australia
Planning and Engaging with Intercultural Communities (HCA, England)2006-01-01England
Principles of Inclusive Design (CABE, UK)2006-01-01United Kingdom
Healthy Urban Planning: 3 UK Policy Contexts, presentation (UKPHA)2006-01-01United Kingdom
Suitability of Landfills in Disposal of Solid Low-level Radioactive Waste (SNIFFER)2006-01-01United Kingdom
Dealing with inequalities in HIA (NICE)2005-06-01National
Guide to HIA: Policy Tool for NZ (PHAC)2005-06-01New Zealand
HIA regional policy guide (HDA & Durham University)2005-03-01North East
HDA Publications on HIA2005-01-01National
A guide to HIA in the fuels industry (oil & gas)(IPIECA/OGP)2005-01-01International
Canadian Handbook on Health Impact Assessment (Health Canada)2005-01-01Canada
Environmental HIA of development projects (WHO + others)2005-01-01Eastern Mediterranean
HIA: Swedish guide (SNIPH)2005-01-01Sweden
Integrating Health into Environmental Impact Assessment (LK)2005-01-01National
Policy Appraisal and Health (DH)2004-11-01National
A Ladder of Citizen Participation (JAIP)2004-11-01International
IPPC: Guide for PCTs and Local Health Boards, Vol.2 (HPA)2004-09-01England and Wales
Equity Focused HIA (ACHEIA)2004-08-01Australia
Built Environment and Health: 11 Case studies of Neighbourhood Transformation (US)2004-07-01United States
Healthy by Design (NHFA, AU)2004-06-01Australia
Secure by Design: Multi-Story Dwellings (ACPO, UK)2004-06-01United Kingdom
European policy Health Impact Assessment - A guide. (EPHIA)2004-05-01Europe
The Value of Public Space (CABE)2004-03-01England
A guide to SIA in the Oil and Gas Industry. (IPIECA)2004-01-01International
Key Elements of the Spatial Planning System (MKSM, UK)2004-01-01United Kingdom
Planning for Access (MKSM, England)2004-01-01England
Addressing the Social Dimensions of Private Sector Projects (IFC)2003-12-01International
Health Risk Communication Primer (ATSDR)2003-10-12United States
Principles and Guidelines for Social Impact Assessment (SIA)2003-09-01United States
SIA Principles and Guidelines in the USA2003-09-01United States
Messages from HIA on London Draft Strategies (LHC)2003-08-01London
Training manual for HIA (University of Birmingham)2003-07-01West Midlands
HIA of housing improvements (PHIS/MRC).2003-05-01Scotland
Social Impact Assessment: Principles (IAIA)2003-05-01International
Guidelines on impact assessment for EU staff (EC)2003-01-01Europe
Using HIA for better decisions - a simple guide (W Midlands DPH Group)2003-01-01West Midlands
Easy guide to HIA for local authorities (Luton BC and HAZ)2003-01-01London
Swedish HIA Guide - Focusing on Health (SNIPH)2003-01-01Sweden
HIA: Guide for Service Providers (QH, Australia)2003-01-01Australia
Rapid HIA: Guide to Research (NDC)2003-01-01United Kingdom
Guide to HIA for Local Authorities: Luton2002-10-01Eastern Region
Environmental Management in Mining: Best Practice (Environment Australia)2002-08-01Australia
Public Participation Guidelines for Stakeholders in Mining Industry (CM)2002-08-01International
Guide to Community HIA (PATH)2002-04-01International
The Lincolnshire HIA process and tool (Trent)2002-02-19East Midlands
Supplementary guidance on IPA in DTLR (DTLR)2002-02-01National
Short guide about how to use HIA (Welsh HIA Support Unit)2002-01-01Wales
HIA: informing the decision-making process (Health Development Agency)2002-01-01National
Guide to HIA of a home zone (SW Devon NHS & University Plymouth)2002-01-01South West
Establishing a Dialogue on Risks from EMF (WHO)2002-01-01International
Strategic Environmental Assessment: Performance Criteria (IAIA)2002-01-01International
Guide to Health and Neighbourhood Renewal (HD, NRU)2002-01-01United Kingdom
HIA as part of SEA (WHO Europe)2001-11-01Europe
Housing Health and Rating System (ODPM, UK)2001-11-01United Kingdom
HIA guidelines in Australia (enHealth Council)2001-09-01Australia
The Merseyside Guidelines for HIA (IMPACT, England)2001-05-01International
Overview of HIA from N&YPHO (NYPHO)2001-05-01Yorkshire and Humber
HIA guide for safe routes to school (University of London)2001-04-01National
Guidelines for developing HIA in Wales (National Assembly for Wales)2001-01-01Wales
HIA: a guide for local authorities (PHI for Scotland)2001-01-01Scotland
Resource for HIA (NHS Executive London)2001-01-01London
Guide to Rapid HIA (Nottingham)2001-01-01East Midlands
HIA for Regeneration Projects (London HAZ & London University)2001-01-01London
Environmental Health: Bridging the Gaps (WHO)2001-01-01Africa
Sustaining Communitites through Improved Business Practice (IFC)2000-12-01International
HIA and Capacity Building (WHO)2000-08-01International
Strategic Health Management Guide for Oil and Gas Industry (OGP)2000-06-01International
Developing HIA for Black and Minority Groups (London)2000-04-01London
Informing healthy decisions: short guide to HIA (NHS London Executive)2000-01-01London
Carrying out an HIA of a Transport Policy: guidance (THSG)2000-01-01England
Parameters of the New Urbanism: DSS (MU Canada)2000-01-01Canada
HIA -Main concepts - Gothenburg Concensus1999-12-01
Guide to Risk and Public Health Assessments (ATSDR) 1999-01-01United States
Guide to Reorienting Urban Planning (WHO) 1999-01-01Europe
Introductory Guide to Consultation (Cabinet Office)1998-01-01England
Guide to Community Consultation and Disclosure (IFC)1998-01-01International
Risk Analysis - Short Guide for Policy Making (ACS, RFF)1998-01-01United States
Principles of Universal Design (US)1997-04-01United States
Principles for Impact Assessment: Environmental and Social Dimension (OGP)1997-01-01International
A guide to HIA (Public Health Commission)1995-01-01New Zealand

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