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The Network of Public Health Observatories is now part of Public Health England.

Teenage pregnancy is a significant public health issue in England.  Teenage parents are prone to poor antenatal health, lower birth weight babies and higher infant mortality rates.  Their health, and that of their children, is likely to be worse than average.  Teenage mothers are less likely to finish their education, less likely to find a good job, and more likely to end up both as single parents and bringing up their children in poverty.  The children themselves run a much greater risk of poor health, and have a much higher chance of becoming teenage mothers themselves.

The UK still has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Western Europe, in England in 2010 over 32,500 women under the age of 18 became pregnant, approximately 6,000 of whom are under the age of 16. 

These information pages contain:

  • Links to the latest Teenage Pregnancy Data
  • Teenage pregnancy interactive mapping
  • Latest guidance and research
  • Links to other useful resources and reports on sexual health

These pages have been compiled by the East Midlands Knowledge and Intelligence Team.  If you have any queries on teenage pregnancy data please contact chimat@phe.gov.uk.

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