Teenage Pregnancy Resources

Interactive mapping

The Network of Public Health Observatories is now part of Public Health England.

Public Health England has produced interactive maps of under 18 conception data. Maps are available at Local Authority level, with a number of ways of viewing the data available, and also at Ward level, where the maps show whether the Ward’s under 18 conception rate is significantly different to the England rate.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles (Local Authority level)

PHE has produced Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles, which include interactive maps of under 18 and under 16 conception data, for all Local Authorities in England. Profiles are now available with the latest data, along with comparators including deprivation and education data. The tool allows the user to view the data in a number of different ways, including mapping, Funnel Plots and Area Profiles. Instructions on using the profiles are available from the tool homepage.

Interactive maps at Ward level

The Office of National Statistics, whilst producing under 18 conception data at Ward level, restrict the use of this data. In particular, one of the conditions of supply of this data is that it is not reproduced on the internet. PHE has produced interactive maps for this Ward level data, showing whether the conception rate in each Ward is significantly different to the England rate. These maps use the data for the 3-year periods and a map has been produced for each of the nine statistical regions within England. These atlases were updated with data for 2009-2011 on 25th February 2014.

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