English Indices of Deprivation 2010 - adjustments to align scores with 2011 boundaries for Lower Layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs)

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This page contains historical information.

This page contains resources based on the English Indices of Deprivation 2010. The indices were published by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) in 2011 for all LSOAs in England, based on boundaries defined in 2001. Boundary changes to LSOAs in 2011 mean that they no longer align with the scores in some areas. Adjustments have therefore been made to scores in affected areas to enable their continued use with the latest LSOA boundaries.

This work has been carried out by the Knowledge and Intelligence Teams of Public Health England (PHE) in London and the East Midlands.

The responsibility for producing these adjusted deprivation scores lies purely with PHE - the figures have neither been quality assured nor endorsed by DCLG.

The adjusted scores can be used for analytical purposes where data are required for 2011 LSOA-level geographies. The adjusted scores do not replace DCLG's official 2010 English Indices of Deprivation, which are based on 2001 LSOA boundaries.

Two sets of scores are provided: for the overall Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) and for the Income Domain. Each file contains a set of adjusted scores, with details of how the adjustments were made.

The adjusted scores have also been used to assign 2011 LSOAs to deprivation quintiles/deciles within England as a whole and also within English regions, counties, and local authorities.

Indices of Deprivation 2010 - adjusted scores


If you have any queries regarding these outputs, please contact the PHE’s London Knowledge and Intelligence Team at

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