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The Eastern Region Public Health Observatory (erpho) is now part of Public Health England (PHE). A full web archive of the www.erpho.org.uk website can be found on The National Archives.

These pages contain recent releases from PHE’s Local Knowledge and Intelligence Service as well as historical information relating to the work of erpho.

The Local Knowledge and Intelligence Service (LKIS) East of England offers a wide variety of training. Our Foundation Course introduces non-analysts to public health data and visualisation, whilst our Analyst Course aims to introduce new analysts beginning their work in Public Health to data, techniques and methods which will be encountered in their working role.

Further to classroom based learning we also offer distance learning through various online resources. We host webinars on topical subjects or methods, develop online videos and have created e-learning modules.

Finally we highlight and share training resources which may be of use to the wider workforce.

Please follow the links below for further details about each area.

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Foundation Course: Health intelligence for everyday practice

At the LKIS East of England we aim to improve the understanding, analysis and application of public health intelligence to improve health and wellbeing. This year we will be running courses addressing the knowledge and skills needs of analysts, researchers, health improvement information professionals and commissioners in CCGs, NHS England, local authorities, third sector and other organisations in the East of England.

The Foundation Course is a free one-day course offerred by PHE to aid users of data and intelligence to gain a greater understanding of how it can be used in practice. If you are interested in registering, or hearing more about the Foundation Course please contact LKISEast@phe.gov.uk

There are three main aims:

  • To improve understanding and interpretation of health intelligence through practical examples.
  • To aid effective commissioning and needs assessment.
  • To provide hands-on training of the PHE CKO Fingertips based tools

You will learn to:

  • Learn what health intelligence is and how it can be used in commissioning.
  • Define and understand your target population.
  • Use data to assess need.
  • Understand health inequalities.
  • Interpret health profiles and data and information from the ‘Fingertips’ set of tools.

Who will benefit

  • Anyone involved directly with the commissioning cycle.
  • Local Authorities
  • Third sector partners.
  • New Public Health Analysts who have no previous knowledge of public health issues.
  • Health Improvement Analysts, Managers, Facilitators.
  • The wider CCG workforce who need to understand how health intelligence can inform decision making.

Course dates and location

15th June 2017 - IPH, Cambridge - Register here

14th September 2017 - IPH, Cambridge - Register here

23rd January 2018 - IPH, Cambridge - Register here


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Analyst Course

The Eastern Region Public Health Observatory (erpho) previously assisted in the development of new Public Health analysts by running the Analyst Training Course, the main aim of which was to improve understanding and interpretation of health intelligence through practical examples. The LKIS East of England are currently in the process of planning for the delivery of the Analyst Training Course during 2015/16.

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PHE e-Learning, video and distance learning

The LKIS East of England has produced a variety of e-learning and distance e-learning resources which may be of use to individuals new to Public Health data and intelligence

Standardisation webinars

Introduction to standardisation

Technical aspects of standardisation

Powerpoint file: Introduction to... here

Powerpoint file: Technical aspects... here

Understanding populations - FLASH e-Learning module


YouTube videos

Previously, as erpho, a number of introductory videos explaining both the Fingertips tool, and elements of the methods behind the tool were created and are still viewable via Youtube

Standardisation webinar (Introduction)


Standardisation webinar (Technical aspects)


Understanding Spine Charts


Understanding significance in Fingertips


Understanding Funnel Plots


Introducing Fingertips


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Other training resources

Here you will find a list of training resources offerred by other organisations. Whilst some of the information or resources may be from organisations which no longer exist, the methods or information contained within the resources are still valid and of use.

Foundation Course workbooks:

Erpho developed the following workbooks to accompany the Foundation Course, the workbooks are supplied to attendees on the course to use as both course material and a useful reference guide when returning to work. The workbooks can also be used as a standalone guide to various aspects of commissioning and are therefore available to download to anyone wishing to find more information on population health intelligence.

The Foundation Course was intially a two-day course run by erpho, the content from the course is available here


e-learning here

Quality improvement hub


Health Knowledge

Featuring workbooks, video-based training, e-learning here

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