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Policy Lead Areas by PHO

The Network of Public Health Observatories is now part of Public Health England.

This page contains historical information.

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PHO policy lead areas and links with external organisations in England are:

RegionLead Area Organisational Links
East Midlands Public Health Observatory
East MidlandsCancer
Food and Nutrition
Renal Disease
Teenage Pregnancy
National Cancer Intelligence Network
Eastern Region Public Health Observatory
EasternChronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Primary Care
Sustainable development
Care Quality Commission
NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement
London Health Observatory
LondonEthnic Minority Health
Health Inequalities
National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence
NHS Confederation>/
North East Public Health Observatory
North EastEurope and International
Learning disabilities
Mental Health
Offender Health
European Commission
North West Public Health Observatory
North West Alcohol
Crime and Violence
Dental Health
Drug Misuse
Health Protection Agency
National Treatment Agency
South East Public Health Observatory
South EastCardio Vascular Disease
Physical Activity
National Screening Committee
Audit Commission
Local Government Association (LGA)
South West Public Health Observatory
South WestEnd of life
Sexual Health
Office for National Statistics (ONS)
West Midlands Public Health Observatory
West MidlandsEnvironment
Older People
Social care
Environment Agency
Yorkshire and Humber Public Health Observatory
Yorkshire and HumberChildren and Young People
Health Economics
NHS Research & Development
Connecting for Health
The network of Public Health Observatories
APHOHealth intelligence strategy
Organisational development
Workforce and training
Department of Health
The Information Centre
RDPH Network
Office of Strategic Health Authorities (OSHA)

* = Shared Responsibility

PHOs in Ireland (INIsPHO) , Scotland (ScotPHO) and Wales (Wales Centre for Health) will also develop lead areas as part of APHO’s work programme.


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