Sexual Health Balanced Scorecard
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Public Health England has launched a new replacement tool here: Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles

The new tool, launched April 2014, brings together and replaces several related tools that pre-dated the formation of Public Health England including the Sexual Health Balanced Scorecard.

The following is archived material from the Sexual Health Balanced Scorecard.

The Sexual Health Balanced Scorecard provides a snapshot of sexual health at local level. Interactive maps and charts enable comparisons to be made regionally and nationally across a range of indicators relating to teenage pregnancy, abortions, contraception, sexually transmitted infections and other relevant issues. The aim is to provide a key source of sexual health information for public health, commissioning and performance management colleagues at a local, regional and national level.

This tool was originally devised to show data for each primary care trust in England. Given the current reorganisation, data is now being developed instead for each local authority. However, where this is not yet possible, data will continue to be updated by PCT. The indicators have been categorised as either key or supporting. Note that a few indicators are only displayed at Local Authority partner(s) level for some PCTs. The LA Data and PCT Data sections provide further details, and additional information resources can also be found there and via the Useful Links section.

To view the six display tools below, which are based on Instant Atlas software, you will need Adobe's Flash plug-in for your browser. To install this please click here. Please refer to the Display Tool Guide for further guidance.


Sexual Health Balanced Scorecard

Key LA Indicators

Key LA indicators

Key PCT Indicators

Key PCT indicators

These tools allow users to view and compare key indicators at local authority district and PCT level and show where values differ significantly from the England average.

More LA Indicators

More LA Indicators

More PCT Indicators

More PCT indicators

These tools provide the same display options but include both key and supporting indicators to provide a wider view of sexual health. Note that the PCT tool contains 'ARCHIVE' indicators that have been updated in the LA tools.

Compare Two LA Indicators

Compare two LA indicators

Compare Two PCT Indicators

Compare two PCT indicators

These tools enable you to compare two indicators and to determine if there is any correlation between them.

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